Reset Printer Canon IP 2770

If you have  Printer CANON IP 2770  may be ever problem with the error code "5200" like picture on the below ,and in the power lamp and resume lights on the printer blinking alternately.
These problems will definitely be experienced after the printer several times replace of  ink.

Now We'll try one of the ways to overcome it.
Before we use the reseter software,the first we need to make printer ip 2770 to service mode position.

# Step One 
Resetting Printer Canon 2770 to SERVICE MODE :
1. The printer is turned off
2. Turn the printer is off with unplug the power cord.
3. Press and hold the RESUME button and then plug power cable till light up on green lamp
4. Press and hold the POWER button,and don't release Resume button.
5. Then release the Resume button (POWER button still is pressed)
6. Press 5X RESUME button, the lights will flash alternately orange printers green with the last orange lamp
7. Release the Power
8. Then the LED will blink briefly and printer warming up process.
9. The computer will detect the new divice, ignore on this process..
10.Release the RESUME button
Then do the second stage
#  Step two  
Resetting Printer Canon IP 2770 for Permanent Reset.
1. Download Resetter Canon IP 2770 Printer
2. Extract File Resetter Printer Canon IP 2770
3. Prepare 2 sheets of paper.
4. Run the program Reseter Printer Canon IP 2770 on extracted directory,and will be as indicated in the figure below :

5. Click "MAIN", then the printer will proceed, and then the iP2770 will print out one page.

6. Click "EEPROM Clear".
7. Click "EEPROM" and the printer will return pint out another page.
8. Turn off the printer ..
9. Then turn the printer back on.
    hopefully success.....

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