How To Reset Printer Canon MP 258

Once you understand the error codes and indications, and have tried various ways to cope with the damage on the printer Canon MP 258, if not successful you can try the software resetter

Software resetter for Canon MP258 printer can downlod here, then install it on the computer where the installation of the Canon MP258 printer.

1. Turn off the printer (if you're On)2. Press and hold the Stop / Reset (not removable)
3. Press the power button (not removable)
4. Remove the Stop / Reset, then press the Stop / Reset 2 times
5. Remove the two buttons
6. The printer driver installation process reset Canon MP258 printer.
7. Run the software resetter Canon MP 258
8. Click the Main (wait a moment, the printer prints a sheet of paper with 
    printed D: 000.0)
9. Click Clear EEPROM
10. Click EEPROM (wait a second, back prints 1 sheet of paper with the code)
11. Turn the printer off and on again
12. The printer is ready for use

Good luck................!

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  1. Great help on this. I really needed some answers. Thank you so much. Do you have any other information on canon all in one printers in nc? This would be a fantastic help. Keep on posting.

  2. it not working. i dont know what had happen to my printer as I press the main button this warning came out.....the function has me....i need tp complete my work !!!

    1. Please ckeck installation cable (USB),an than reinstaal printer driver.
      After that try again step by step for reset printer canon MP258.

  3. sir its working fine thank u very for step to solve error

  4. Thanks Admin this blog having nice information for solving when i am getting printer service problems. It is more useful for my service, keep it up good job.

  5. it has no effect... its not working.. when i click the main.. this message pops outs -->[error! (error code:006)].. whta should i do?


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