Error Code Canon MP258 Printer

For those of you who have a Canon MP 258 printer, may have experienced problems such as printer jams and can not be used.
And it is usually the printer code found indicators that show the damage to the printer
The following error codes and lighter tips to overcome:

Error Code: E04
Indications: canon MP258 Cartridge is not installed properly
Solution: Remove the cartridge, clean, keep pairs again

Error Code: E05
Indications: Catrid not fully assembled, or have one of the defective
Solution: - Remove the cartridge, wipe, reinstall it.
              - Replace the cartridge

Error Code: E13 and E16
Indications: Ink has run out / cartridge reset request
Solution: - Press the STOP / RESUME to display the indicator proceed and show the number1

Error Code: P02
Indications: Carriage error
Solusion: - Check the roll printer, keluakan if any foreign object into
              - Clean the encoder

Error Code: P03
Indications: Line feed error
Solution: - Check the timing sensor disc
              - Check, clean the mainboard

Error Code: P05
Indications: ASF sensor error
Solution: - Replace any parts:
              - ASF sensor unit
              - Motor
              - Board

Error Code : P06
Indications : Internal temperature (Excessive heat)
solusi : - Clean the inside of the printer
           - Replace the board

Error Code : P07
Indications : Ink absorber full
Solution: - Reset the printer to use the program

Error Code: P08
Indications: Print head temperature rise error (head too hot, exceeding the limit)
Solution : - Change the color cartridges

Error Code: P09
Indications: EEPROM error
Solution: - EEPROM corrupt board,
             - Replace the board

Error Code: P15
Indications: USB VBUS over current
Solution: - Replace the USB cable
              - Replace the board

Error Code: P20
Indications: Other hardware error
Solution: - Damage to other hardware
             - Replace mainboadnya

Error Code: P22
Indications: Scanner error / Scanernya not work
Solution: - Replace the scanner
              - Check the cable from the scanner to the Board
              - Or replace board

If the tips above can not solve the problem on your printer, please try to reset the software reseter. Please visit here

May be Usefull.....

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